Hello I am back from three years of backpacking

I like to start sharing my thoughts again

Hello Everyone,

I was more active in the community here a few years back before I started backpacking three years ago, I am back and here to share my thoughts.

I went beyond what i thought was possible in investing but I was no longer content with the game. So I started my trip.

I got better than I thought was possible but my drive was gone. I only recently learn my initial motivations to get on this forum 8 years ago, to understand what makes stocks a sure thing and how to pick them. And the rush I get when I know everyone else on the other side is wrong.

Making money was secondary, the market was a fun puzzle to understand the inner workings of the capitalistic system. I saw its' beauty If constrained with proper consideration can unlock the limitless potentials in man and also its darkness that feeds the greed and envy within all of us.

For the past three years, i have been traveling Central South and North America looking for more to life. Soon this longing for more became a quest  “ To Feel and To love:”. 

From this quest, i touch upon the depth of the human experiences that i didn't know existed. These experiences allowed me to grow.

To enjoy the pleasure of bringing someone laughter, To feel the joy of brightening someones' day,

To understand the fortune to be able to back a friend. To touch upon the pleasure of unconditional giving.

Over the past few months, the thought of reconnecting with the investment community has been coming up in my mind for quite a few time.

Although I have been away I haven't stopped thinking about investing.

Past trades, states of mind, market crashes, business models and the way convexity shapes the future. I like to start writing and share my discoveries. 

To give you an idea of my investment style.

Here are three events that help shift my view of this world and investing. 

After University I was able to work with one of the best investors in Canada.

The experience gives me the ability to see investing the Buffett and Munger way; understand what is a good business and the powerful inertia that it has for capital over decades. 

From this standpoint, I was able to understand the first sure thing in my life American Express during Costco debacle in 2015. The loss of the Costco contract had a minor effect on the core of its business. The business core was the trust in its brand and the customer relationship build through decades of use.  I ended up buying up calls which resulted in a 15x payoff. Which could have been 50x having I held longer.

The second event that grew my view of investing was building a consumer products company from the ground up with my father. 

This experience gives me the eye of an entrepreneur to see a business as a bundle of resources from society put together by entrepreneurs. I understood the difficulties in building an effective team and eventually business systems that transform a business into a machine that compound capital for the long run. It also allowed me to understand the inherent optionality within and the levers that can be pulled by management.

This experiences with the aid of good fortune i was able to make a bet the day before $FOSL Christmas earnings in 2018 when it was beaten down due to a margin call on the CEO and change in market dynamics. It helps me make a 6x return on my bet from the next day 70% swing.

This final shift came from this trip. A friend i meet nearly three years ago wants me to help him develop his construction technology company idea. For the past year, I have been spending a lot of time to help him develop the idea. From this, i am starting to understand software companies of which before i thought as mysterious and overprices. Bets incoming.    

Thank you for reading,